About Taylor Simpson

Taylor Simpson received her BA in Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration in 2014 from Iowa State University and her MS in Medical Illustration in 2016 from Augusta University. Her undergraduate schooling included an enlightening four-month study abroad experience in 2013 in Florence, Italy.

While at Iowa State University, Taylor served on the executive board of Alpha Chi Omega as Vice President for New Member Education. She taught new members about the history and meaning of the organization as well as how the organization has served the community over the years.

Taylor has had various medical illustration internship experiences at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. The illustrations ranged from heart valves to the breast cancer cycle to male hormonal therapy diagrams. Selected illustrations from two of her internships have been published.

Her masters project involved making an electronic PDF to assist first and second year medical students in learning the correct techniques to perform physical examinations.

Taylor is a student member of the Association of Medical Illustrators.